Your own customizable, compliant, no-code, NFT store - from the comfort of your own branding and domain.
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Buy, sell, collect, trade and be a part of our dynamic marketplace, with early access to drops and more.
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Boundless creativity has met its match in our extensive features.

Boundless creativity has met its match in our extensive features

Become a part of the Spaceseven community and register today. It only takes 5 minutes to set up your own, personalized, NFT e-commerce store.
The solution is fully customizable. You will be able to use your own branded domain and choose your own store layout.

This includes a virtual gallery displaying your NFTs, your very own landing page with colour and layout to match your style, and much more.
Creating your NFTs have never been easier.

After setting up your store, choose the blockchain you want to create your NFT on and follow the simple steps provided.

You can choose to sell your NFTs at a fixed price or as an auction.
When selling your NFTs the buyer can pay either with crypto (ETH, CDD) or with their credit card for a smooth customer journey.

Powerful Functionality

Plug-and-Play solution with custom branding, custom design options and the ability to use your own domain. No coding is required.
Credit Card payment solution for seamless shopping experience and improved UX and UI for broader audience and reach. Buy NFTs with just your credit card.
Multichain Support giving you the choice between minting your NFTs on Concordium (CCD) and Ethereum (ETH). Support for more blockchains will come.
Royalty Management enabling 0-50% commission for NFT creators on each secondary sale of their NFTs.
Affiliate Program fully functional affiliate program, allowing you to create custom affiliate links, with in-depth statistics, to help market your NFT store.
Regional Live Support with access to a dedicated Onboarding Manager for NFT conceptualization, creation and management, as well as setting up your personal NFT Store.

Solutions for all


Without limitations.

Create, sell, earn and connect. Take your art to the next level. Artists across the globe have welcomed NFTs as an innovative way to share their work, engage collectors, and control their vision.

Game changing.

Own your character, explore new worlds, play and earn. Offer in-app creation tools, NFT tokens and smart contracts to promote and reward community and social gaming.

Enter new worlds.

NFTs empower inhabitants and Metaverse participants to gain exclusive access to interactions, features and events, bringing their experiences to life.

Better entertainment. Next level fans.

Access new opportunities, engage with other fans or your favourite team. Metaverse access to celebrity athletes is the next frontier of engagement.

A new era. Creativity unleashed.

NFTs promise a bridge between a commercialized industry and fan touchpoints, from merchandising, to events, games and franchising.

Connect, share, earn. Music evolved.

Connect with fans. Securely share access to fresh music, unique behind the scenes content and VIP sign up to concerts and other digital and physical events.

Calling all creators, the digital age is yours!

Express your unbound creativity by using our marketplace or create your own NFT e-commerce store and brand experience